About Us

The Humane Society of Rowan County is a non-profit volunteer animal welfare organization and IS NOT affiliated with Rowan Animal Services, aka Rowan County Animal Control and Shelter.  All calls involving animals attacks or stray animals should contact Rowan Animal Services at 704-216-7768. After hours calls should be made to 911.

We are a small group of volunteers in Rowan County trying to do what we can to save the lives of animals that we have rescued. We have no shelter. All animals are kept in volunteer foster homes until they can be placed. We educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering your pet to help stop the needless killings of innocent animals and also about responsible, humane animal care.  

For over 40 years, volunteers have worked to help abandoned and abused animals of this county. We are the only volunteer organization in the county that does so. If you genuinely care what happens to the injured and abandoned animals in our community, then support us by joining. The $20 fee helps pay for needed medical care. But more than that, Joining Says That YOU Are Committed to the Welfare of These Creatures. Put your name on our list today. Join now, or renew your membership for the coming year. Sign your kids up, and teach them respect and compassion for all life. The animals depend on us.

If you don’t see the dog or cat of your dreams on our page, please be sure and also check out Rowan County Animal Shelter on Julian Road, Salisbury. They have many animals needing loving, permanent homes. They are open 11:00 am til 4:30 pm Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am til 11:20 on Saturdays. SAVE A LIFE!  Call 704-216-7768 for kennel hours.

Shun Puppy Mills

Most pet store puppies are obtained from puppy mills, where dogs are treated as mere livestock to be bred over and over again, and where attention to the mothers’ and puppies’ physical and social needs are ignored. Also when buying a puppy from backyard breeders, be sure to get paperwork showing proof that pups have had all necessary shots and are healthy before purchasing. Some of these backyard breeders are out only for the money, not caring about the pups or what happens to them in the future. A lot of purebred dogs are going through local animal shelter because the breeders are not responsible parties. Humane organizations have been trying for many years to close such places down, but they cannot do so without the help of an informed public that refuses to buy the dogs. The warmth and comfort sought by puppy-buyers can easily be found in any local shelter, where animals wait for rescue from a sad fate. Many puppies bought on a whim will be ending up in these shelters anyway, when the realities of dog guardianship become evident to purchasers. I urge all who are truly serious about providing a lifelong home for a dog to steer strictly clear of puppy mill animals. If it is a specific breed they seek, there are hundreds of breed-rescue organizations that will be overjoyed to help.

Pet Sitting

You can now have peace of mind while on vacation knowing your pets will be well taken care of while you’re away. No more boarding at the kennels – leave them in their own familiar environment and have a petsitter come to your home petsitter.com is great website to find a petsitter in your area!

  • Be a foster home
  • Help at dog washes
  • Help at fund raisers
  • Return calls on our answering machine
  • Deliver/pick-up pet food
  • Take pictures for the website
  • Donate pet food & supplies
  • Luminaries
  • Donate baked goods for fundraisers
  • Build dog houses
  • Help with spay/neuter clinic
  • Take pictures of our animals
  • Help with newsletter
  • Yard Sale (held in spring)
  • Spaghetti dinner (held in fall)
  • Sell raffle tickets